An Advisor Equipped to Keep Your 401k, IRAs, Rollover IRAs & Other Retirement Accounts ‘On Track’ To and Through Retirement

Madden Funds Management is a fee only investment advisory firm located in Oak Park Illinois. We specialize in helping our clients manage the growth of their most important money—money that can’t be replaced and will be needed to meet their retirement income goals. The harsh reality: Every portfolio’s allocation to equities (stock market positions needed for ‘real’ growth) will experience many gut-wrenching drawdowns during corrections and bear markets that can throw the investor and his or her portfolio ‘off track.’ Our mission is to educate and support clients to stay ‘on track’ based on confidence that the next bull market is on the other side of the correction or bear market. We’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years. With this most important money, the challenge when searching for an advisor is not who to hire, but first what type of advisor to hire. Not all advisor types are legally committed to put your interests first.

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