Walking down a long road

Getting Started With an Advisor Who’s Been Down the Road Before

If you decide to engage Madden Funds Management (Madden) as your advisor:

  • Together we decide on the best mix of investments for your unique situation.
  • We supply you with application(s) to open an account with Fidelity Investments, the custodian for your assets.
  • You’ll receive our ADV (a document we supply to the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) with required disclosures, and
  • You’ll receive a copy of the Madden agreement for signature.

Our Continuing Relationship

  • Annual review
  • Education
  • Service needs
  • Periodic Rebalancing

We will also, as needed, interact with your other advisors—such as your attorney, tax preparer, mortgage broker, and insurance agent—to make sure that proper planning is done and effective implementation takes place Our clients appreciate having an experienced and trusted advisor they can count on to help them make smart financial decisions. Madden takes pride in responding quickly to client issues as they arise, as well as proactively planning in anticipation of changes before they occur.


Quarterly, Fidelity deducts Madden’s advisory fees from your account based on ¼ of the agreed annual rate x average assets in the prior calendar quarter. Many other advisors charge in advance. The first quarter’s fee is prorated based on the day your account is opened at Fidelity. If assets are deposited into or withdrawn from the account during the quarter, the fee will be prorated accordingly.

Being compensated by this predetermined client fee rather than by commissions ensures that the advice you receive from Madden is unbiased and independent. Our fee increases only if your portfolio grows; therefore our interests are aligned with yours. Our only motivation is maximizing your portfolio’s growth.

Terminating Madden on Your Account

Should you decide to terminate Madden as the advisor on your account(s), you would simply submit a written notice of termination to Fidelity advising the removal of Madden’s status as advisor on the account(s). Fees would terminate as of the removal date. Once Madden is removed from the account, you become responsible for account management. You will not need to close the account or sell your investments. When you sell shares in your account, you could be subject to taxes and possible transaction fees imposed by Fidelity.