Advisor-Managed Portfolios

By returning the investment of retirement assets to professional advisors, our approach frees participants from the burden of constructing and monitoring their own portfolio and provides much-needed fiduciary protection to the plan sponsor.

The traditional approach of providing an extensive line-up of investment options and leaving portfolio construction up to the individual participant is often overwhelming for all levels of participants.

The Advised 401(k) goes beyond suggestions and examples. We actually construct the portfolios for each participant.
Spanning the risk spectrum from aggressive to defensive, our portfolio strategies are a single-choice option for your participants. Unlike so-called ‘lifestyle funds’, these portfolios are managed at the participant level by professional investment managers.

Rebalancing and, if necessary, fund replacement are handled automatically for all participants.

The participant needs only to select the single portfolio that reflects his or her targeted return and risk-tolerance and our professional investment managers do the rest.

“The do-it-yourself aspects of 401k plans “are not working” says Alicia Munnell, director of Boston’s College’s Center for Retirement Research. “They are simply too complicated for people to handle. It’s not that people are dumb. It’s just that…becoming a financial expert is low on their priority list.”

Source: Wall Street Journal, ‘A Lession for Social Security: Many Mismanage Their 401ks’