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401(K) Plans

The Advised 401(k) – Helping Each Plan Participant Successfully Transition from Suit to Jeans

Not all 401(k) plans are alike. The Advised 401(k) offers several distinct advantages. By allowing us to provide you with an objective comparison to your existing 401(k) plan, you will understand the differences in cost, investment performance, and service features.

Madden Funds Management has been providing investment management for 401(k) and profit sharing plans since the start of the firm—20 years ago.

Five key advantages of The Advised 401(k) program:

  1. Advisor-Managed Portfolios
  2. Access to Exclusive Investments
  3. Fiduciary Liability Protection
  4. Fees & Service
  5. Participant Education

If you find The Advised 401(k)’s advantages of interest, Madden is ready to do a no-obligation analysis of your plan’s needs and prepare a proposal.