Exclusive Investments

The Advised 401(k) utilizes institutional asset-class mutual funds to construct the portfolio strategies for plan participants. The funds we use primarily are from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), one of the country’s largest and most respected institutional fund managers.

Unlike traditional retail mutual funds, each of these sophisticated funds has one objective: to provide precise exposure to its target asset class. These funds also have significantly lower fees and turnover than comparable retail funds. And there are never any loads, 12b-1 fees, or other unseemly sales charges associated with these funds.

These investment vehicles are used by some of the world’s largest corporations in the management of their retirement plans and ordinarily require a $2 million minimum per fund. Through the The Advised 401(k), these funds are available to you and to your plan participants.

“DFA finds have produced an excellent long-term performance record, which alas, most individual investors can’t take advantage of. DFA funds are distributed only through fee-only Registered Investment Advisors, and then only when the advisor commits to DFA’s long-term investment philosophy.”

Source: MSN Money